In our fast moving world, we often fail to connect with our near and dear ones, have no time to stay updated about current happenings in the world. The only time we get from our hectic schedule is while travelling to back home or office. Even for that we need enough of the data in our android phones. But, what if all of a sudden you realize that your data pack has been finished or you are running out of enough data? At such situation we often wish to connect and seek the Wifi connection around us.

That Wifi would be free and easy to access. Is it really possible? Yes, it is. Honourable Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis has made this dream come true for Mumbaikers.Bharatiya Janata Party Social Media Team have taken an initiative to give 'Mumbaikers' the website from where they can search and know the nearest Free Mumbai Wifi and avail connectivity to the world.

The party had promised to give the citizens of Mumbai the best what they deserve and so are keeping their promise. To make Mumbai a 'Free-Wifi' zone, our government have installed Wifi in more than 500+ hotspots at many of the vital areas of the city. Now people can enjoy and stay connected, updated with this facility always.