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About US

Let’s build strong & better society

Mission : Y4D is a dream and a mission undertaken by the youth of the nation to fulfill the vision of a better society, responsible society. We the team at Y4D believe that this nation & its citizens deserve better governance, development and rights. We are team of passionate youngsters who think we can change nation and society through a sustained and inclusive effort that takes everyone with us. We are a nonpolitical entity that wants to shape society by highlighting developmental issues and working towards finding sustainable solutions as we believe that development alone can cure the many evils in our society.
A nation stands strong when it is supported by strong, people driven institutions and Y4D is committed to be a pillar of our great nation to strengthen Democracy. We are already working towards our vision by easing the voter registration and voting process.

Who we are ?

We are change

We are team of passionate individuals working towards achieving our vision of a better nation through development. You can join Y4D at three levels –
Mentors : : Our guides who stand behind us as a source of our energy & ideas.
Members : Youth who are directly associated with our mission and play a crucial role in deciding strategies and movement.
Volunteer : Youth who are associated with one or more activities or missions of Y4D

Y4D Activities

Small Steps big Impact

To fulfill our mission of change through development the Y4D team organizes different events and activities
Y4D runs a continuous campaign to highlight developmental issues, to bring forth development as a topic of main focus for social & political discourse
Dialogue : Y4D uses open dialogue as a channel to promote debate on developmental topics. We have an online as well as an offline forum where the youth can connect with and discuss issues and probable solutions with well-known personalities from different walks of life, have an open debate and learn from their knowledge and experience.

Social Media Campaign : The Y4D team also runs various social media initiatives. We analyze and publish data on development aspects of the state; industry or specific sectors. This works as a reference guide for decision makers.
Democracy One of our main goals under Y4D is to strengthen different institutions which will ultimately strengthen nation. Democracy is one of the main institutions which guaranties citizens the basic right of electing their own government but democracy can’t sustain without the participation of the people of the nations. Y4D has made it its mission to facilitate easy participation of citizens inn the process of strengthening the nation.
Voter registration: Y4D runs an extensive campaign for voter registration across various cities. Y4D has partnered with different organizations; trained volunteers and enabled housing societies to run voter registration campaigns.
Voting day assistance : Y4D volunteers also assist and support many activities on voting days to improve voter turnout. We help in voter list search; special voter assistance vehicles for women, elders & disabled persons to travel to voting booth etc.

Other Campaigns: Y4D organizes different campaigns from time to time like citizens call for donation to J&K flood relief fund; protest & awareness campaign on women issues like Nirbhaya case and many more.

How can you contribute?

Only you can change world so participate ,donate

Your Role : Y4D believes in team effort and walking together. We all can change society and achieve our dreams for a better tomorrow. You can participate in Y4D activates & mission in different ways.
Mentor : If you are successful in your area or having any expertise and want to guide Y4D team then you can join us as a Mentor. Appointing a mentor is at the sole discretion of the Y4D team

Seed Member : If you want to help Y4D mission with financial support then either you can sponsor one or more initiatives of Y4D or commit to Yearly fix donation.

Member : We invite passionate and dedicate members of the youth of our nation to become Members and become a part of the overall Y4D strategy and lead activities in their area or city. Anyone can become a volunteer by yearly donation of Rs 1000.

Volunteer : Anyone can become an associated volunteer by participating in at least one activity of Y4D or arranging an activity.